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Accreditation as a "Professional Statistician" TM is a voluntary credential offered to members of the American Statistical Association.


I created this portfolio to capture the requirements that I have met (my application was submitted 7 September 2011 and approved 3 October 2011).


This program was created in late 2010 by the ASA, as a credential that provides peer recognition for all of the following:

  • Having advanced statistical training and knowledge;
  • Having experience in applying statistical expertise competently;
  • Maintaining appropriate professional development;
  • Agreeing to abide by ethical standards of practice;
  • Being able to communicate effectively.

The accreditation involves a review by an ASA committee of a portfolio of evidence that the applicant possesses each of the characteristics listed above. Unlike a PhD in a statistical field, the accreditation is not driven by evidence of independent research. Also unlike virtually any other training or certifying procedure in the statistical or mathematical sciences, this accreditation acknowledges active and reflective contributions to statistical practice over a sustained (>5 years) period.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.